Certified International Zumba and Wellness Instructor

I started Zumba on my COUCH 10 months After My Brain Surgery

118 pounds down in less than a year

No one understands your struggle to lose weight more than me. Trust me, not because I’m a beautiful size 2 fitness instructor but because I’m the real deal. I won’t sugarcoat your progress or lack thereof. Nor will I allow you to continue to hold yourselves back any longer. 

There’s a Zumba program for each population regardless of physical limitations.


I often surprise people when I mention starting Zumba Gold, on my couch. However Zumba Gold is a extension of Zumba designed with the elders of our society and those with limited mobility in mind. It also was the only adult  Zumba program that fit my speed during my  initial phase of recovery. I had to accept my pace and decide to no longer sit at home in misery from the explosive weight gain after my brain surgery while on steroids to assist with any inflammation in my brain. Now not only am I a proud Certified Zumba Instructor but I’m proud to say that I specialize in Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Jrs, Zumba Tone and of course Zumba Gold. I want everyone to understand just how important physical fitness plays into the health of our minds and how we process within our own mindsets. - Dr. V

Who’s Ready For Their Transformation?


I began to release my fears in recovery and suddenly things began to just “fall into place”.