Coaching is a personal investment!



Coaching isn't just for celebrities, actors or big executives. This is for us all, especially those smart enough to realize that we all have some form of imperfection and can use the assistance of a pair of nonjudgemental eyes on our lives. 

Reentry Coaching - Behavorial, Disabled and Justice-Involved Populations


New Beginnings are on the horizon. Whether you are reentering society with mental health and/or physical  disabilities, from incarceration or even while currently in rehabilitation, I got you. Just know you’re the dearest to my heart. 

I am a proud brain surgery survivor and invisible disabilities advocate. I will always assist, encourage and most importantly hold you accountable to your realistic goals. 

Because I specialize in reentry of several forms if you require or hold interest for this type of coaching as an individual or organization please email me at with your request

Life Coaching


Are you committed to personal growth?

Open to new perspectives?

Looking to improve self-esteem & confidence?

Do you need guidance in realizing your true potential? 

Feeling stuck, need more creativity  in your life?

Can't shake your anxiety, stress or worries?

Wellness Coaching


Are you ready to go deeper than just Life Coaching? 

Are you at the door to your TRANSFORMATION? 

Health in shambles?

Eating all of the wrong foods, sleeping irregularly, love life non-existent? 

Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Financially and Sexually do you need a breakthrough?

Are your chakras aligned?

Intimate Synergistic Partnership





Goal Setting

Solutions Oriented


Support Tools

What is a Coach?

Coaching Packages


Are you “stuck’ or feeling suffocated with your placement in life?

We can: Clear and aligned your chakras while working together to discover your purpose in life.

Do you want to create change in your career, love or personal life and just do not know where to begin?

We can: Create a vision of your ‘perfect’ life and figure out what needs to occur on a short-term and long-term level.

Maybe you have it all and are still craving a certain level of freedom and something is holding you back. Let’s explore it and figure it out together. 

Has your life become perdicatable, does it take longer for you to do the things that you love without expercieng guilt or shame?

We can: Develop tasks to increase your self esteem and valuing system. Identify the root to all concerns or stoppage. Build up your confidence and eliminate most of your self-sabotaging charactertistics.
Are you at a crossroads, do you just procrastinate, stand in your own damn way?

We can: Develop a physical as well as a spiritual plan to free yourself from all limiting beliefs, leeching personalities, people and attchements. The question you know must ask yourself is Are you ready for your transformation?

For the month of February,  I am offering prospective coaching clients a free 7 minute consulation call (please note that this is not a coaching call but a moment for you to understand my vibe and to see if our energy connects.

 Trust me I am not out here just to make a living but rather I aspire to inspire others daily. This is my purpose, it is my heart work for my place on the universe. I want others to succeed just as much as I manifest my own successes. 

Email to receive the direct scheduling link to set up your FREE consultation call today.